• Van Living

    Why Are Women Choosing Vanlife?

    Living the nomad life seems like a dream for most people. From traveling to exotic places to spending time on the beach, living in a campervan has some highlights. Though we might all romanticize about the free spirit lifestyle, is this possible for everyday women? Can we uproot ourselves, pack up all our possessions, and commit to living on the road? It’s a lot more possible than you think. Many women are choosing the van lifestyle and have embraced it with their whole heart.  So, why are women choosing the van life, and could it be for you, too? Connections  When you work 9-5 in the same work setting, it’s…

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  • Las Vagas
    Fashion,  Style

    The Ritz & Glitz of Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!

    Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the United States of America. A veritable paradise of fun and games geared towards vacationers across the spectrum. Interspersed within the mix of eager partygoers, holidaymakers, and business professionals is a smorgasbord of haute couture fashioned by the leading designers, visionaries, and stylists. Real and surreal elements dance seamlessly in sync with one another along the iconic Las Vegas Strip, titillating the senses with eye-raising attire guaranteed to evoke dramatic utterances from passersby. High-end fashion blends rather unusual fabrics with intricately-designed finishes for the connoisseur. Whether it’s Jean Paul Gaultier, Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, or Diane von Furstenberg’s eclectic styles,…

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  • rishikesh India

    What to see in Rishikesh, India

    The city has something special and interesting for each visitor, regardless of their expectations, goals, or tastes: nature, culture, and spirituality, the city has it all. Below are the six experiences you should not miss in Rishikesh!  1. Have a coffee and croissants with spectacular views If you have been traveling in India for a while, this will taste like blessed glory: good coffee, croissants with jam and butter or chocolate cakes, and savor all this on a quiet terrace with breathtaking views. Yes, friend: it is possible in one of my favorite coffee shops in Rishikesh: “Pumpernickel German Bakery”. On the other hand, if you just start your adventures in…

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  • Sleeveless Kurti 

    12 Designer Kurtis that are trending now

    With the latest designs and styles coming up in Kurti’s designs, it is becoming quite difficult for buyers to understand what’s trending and what’s out of style these days! Isn’t it?  Well, there is no doubt that there are some fabulous and great designs in Kurtis available in the market (online as well as offline market). If you are also searching for the trendy and designer Kurtis to add to your closet collection, then you must have a look at the below listed 12 Kurti designs that you can try this year.  1. Front slit shirt style Kurti    The shirt style Kurtis is already dominating the trend in the fashion world…

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    Alpina watch is the perfect choice for women

    In 1883, the Alpina watch company was founded, the dream of some independent watchmakers based in Switzerland. Alpina watches, crafted with precision with a timepiece that stands out because of its uniqueness. The sports watches are also of a professional standard and very high quality.  The alpine watch for women is of the finest materials. It uses quartz movement and Swiss-made automation. Perfect for the adventure freak and divers. Flaunt your elegance and sporty look The Alpina watch gives the wearer a perfect look of elegance and sportiness. It is delightful to look at.  It is the symbol of simplicity, character, and luxury. You will love the elegance and sporty design.…

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