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    What Home Gym Equipment is Most Effective?

    We are in an era where most individuals are trying to stay healthy by exercising and eating right. The easiest way to keep in shape is to have home gym equipment. It not only saves you money, but it is convenient since you can work out at any time. Home gym equipment can be as simple as a pair of dumbbells Although most folks want to stay in shape, today’s lifestyles and working jobs allow little time for them to exercise. You can try to join your town gym in a mobile app, but you will part with your cash for membership registration. You will also have to travel to the…

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  • Van Living

    Why Are Women Choosing Vanlife?

    Living the nomad life seems like a dream for most people. From traveling to exotic places to spending time on the beach, living in a campervan has some highlights. Though we might all romanticize about the free spirit lifestyle, is this possible for everyday women? Can we uproot ourselves, pack up all our possessions, and commit to living on the road? It’s a lot more possible than you think. Many women are choosing the van lifestyle and have embraced it with their whole heart.  So, why are women choosing the van life, and could it be for you, too? Connections  When you work 9-5 in the same work setting, it’s…

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  • rishikesh India

    What to see in Rishikesh, India

    The city has something special and interesting for each visitor, regardless of their expectations, goals, or tastes: nature, culture, and spirituality, the city has it all. Below are the six experiences you should not miss in Rishikesh!  1. Have a coffee and croissants with spectacular views If you have been traveling in India for a while, this will taste like blessed glory: good coffee, croissants with jam and butter or chocolate cakes, and savor all this on a quiet terrace with breathtaking views. Yes, friend: it is possible in one of my favorite coffee shops in Rishikesh: “Pumpernickel German Bakery”. On the other hand, if you just start your adventures in…

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    What to Wear On an African Safari – Safari Fashion

    Ever dream of going to Africa? There is so much to see and do in this vast country.  What do you wear on an African Safari?  This article will give provide you with ideas of what you should take and what not to take. Africa is a dream destination, a diverse continent, and the oldest inhabited space on earth. Breath-taking landscapes, spectacular wildlife, and incredible people, this expanse truly shines with unbelievable beauty. The acmes are well-known worldwide: the stark rock towers, towering cliffs, water-gouged gorges, belching plumes of geothermal steam, scrub clad volcanoes, the Big Five, spectacular ever-green forests, and of course, the Great Migration. There is so much…

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  • feel more ALIVE
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    3 ways that are bound to make you feel more ALIVE

    1. Begin your adventure in the online casino world Why on earth would you play online rather than in a real, offline casino? Well, first and foremost it’s definitely way more convenient. Let’s be honest, when you are at home sitting in your comfortable spot on your couch, there’s a lot of inertia to overcome in terms of getting up and driving somewhere. What’s more there are so many more promotions and bonuses on online casinos! A pro-tip would be to make use of all the free spins and sign up bonuses before you need to make your deposit. Are you a beginner? Then this amazing benefit is for you!…

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